Mushroom cabbage tortilla

Oyster mushroom and cabbage tortilla bites


  • 500 g oyster mushroom caps
  • half a cabbage
  • a little sugar
  • tortillas
  • tomatoes
  • oil, salt and pepper

Grate the cabbage using a coarse grater and fry in a little oil with a sprinkling of sugar until caramelised and golden. Season with salt and pepper and leave to cook for about 20 minutes until tender.

Wash the oyster mushrooms, cut into julienne strips and fry in a little oil. Season with salt and pepper then stir into the cabbage.

Pile the cabbage and mushroom mixture onto the tortillas, roll up and cut into three or four pieces, securing each one with a sandwich skewer. Serve with diced tomatoes. A tasty treat for an autumn day!